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Riz and Oriah

Couples One Day Retreat!!

My husband Riz and I are offering a one day couples retreat in our Malibu home. There are two different types of retreats. One is a intensive in which Riz and I help you dismantle, heal and clear your core communication and intimacy issues with you and your partner. The second type of retreat is a sacred journey, Which we can give you more details about when you contact us. Both start at 10:00 AM and go until 7 PM. Available on Wednesdays or Fridays.

If you feel stuck or are in pain with your romantic partner this is an opportunity to create a new conscious foundation to start fresh especially going into the holiday season.

Riz and I have a very strong track record of helping individuals and couples in any situation, in any circumstance with great results, using the teachings of universal law without doctrine.
We are open and transparent and we also share our life and how we accomplished clear inter-dependent and loving communication and intimacy with each other. We are also a step family with five flourishing children.

If you are coming from out-of-town there are hotels nearby. We are taking reservations now. The total cost is $1000 and we only have four spots in one month. Your date is reserved for you with payment.

Let us support you to your conscious relationship bliss. ;)


Twin Flames Riz and oriah Mirza

Have you ever wondered if you are with the right partner? If your path in life with your loved one is for you? Do you want to find your life partner? Riz and Oriah hold Couples Counseling to meet the needs of the desire to have more insite to this area of your life.

Topics covered:

  • Traumatic healing and discovery of self within those situations
  • Guilt, is it necessary
  • Paranoia, fear, a useful tool temporarily
  • Aggression, Anger and manipulation: understanding the Self created lesson
  • How to connect with your partner authentically


couples counseling

Riz is passionate about working with couples who seek to bring their relationships to a more deeper connected, loving and compassionate level. He helps them achieve a cleansing of old behavioral patterns and helps heal old wounds. Couples psychic readings included.

Riz Mirza and Oriah Miller are available for private and public couples counseling. To find out more about Oriah, you can catch some of her teachings on air. Riz and Oriah are Twin Flames and through many challenging life lessons they found one another. Through their partnership and years of coaching they have helped ignite the love within many unions. Find clarity with the partner you are with.

Oriahs Story

Over the last year and a half I have had the privilege and honor of watching Riz trance channel Red Eagle and other Spirit Guides at our weekly private and public “Circle of Light” gatherings. I sit, like usual in the back of the room mostly, wiping the tears from my eyes as I watch dear fellow human beings sitting in a semi circle conducting conversations with a non physical guide.

I have witnessed the exuberance, the joy, the thrill and the tearful release of people hearing things they have waited their entire lives to hear, and didn’t know it, or things they never wanted a soul to utter about themselves. I have witnessed mothers being reunited with their children who have “crossed over”, and adult children feeling the satisfaction of feeling completion by getting their unanswerable questions answered from their loved one, their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers on the other side through Red Eagle.

Every day we get emails and messages from people whose lives were profoundly impacted by the teachings and wisdom of this Native American chief that lived hundreds of years ago. It set them on a new course of life, a new perspective, and they can now see a new direction for their life’s journey.

That brings me to Riz, whose eyes, lips, mouth and body make it all possible, their seamless, symbiotic relationship between these two light beings brings a warm glow to my heart. The selfless act of Riz, allowing Red Eagle to speak through him with upwards of 5 hours straight at our longest held circles, shows his devotion to bring peace and understanding to people as he rests comfortably in a dream like trance…it will forever inspire me.

Now Red Eagle’s wise teachings has been dictated, transcribed and dedicated to you in this book, this has been a long time coming for all of us, and we are honored to have you join us for the duration of this book to experience your own soul journey.

Oriah Miller

Partner, Co Author, Manager

Twin Flame Workshop

Are you looking for your Twin Flame?

How do you find him/her?

What is a Twin Flame?

What do you do if they are already in a relationship?

What is the difference between a Twin Flame and Soul Mate?

Over the years many questions have been asked and many songs, stories and poems have been written about finding one’s own Twin Flame. How do we know we will find him/her in our lifetimes? Are they even on the planet? Many frustrated people have come to others who have found their Twin Flame for guidance.  There are many characteristics, energetic involvement, personal lessons and journeys one must go through before they are ‘ready’ for a Twin Flame union.

How to draw your Twin Flame towards you. How to magnetize yourself to attract your Twin, and is there ever a satisfaction?

Understand what is a Twin Flame union, and how to know if you have been preparing for this union all along without realizing it. 

“When we stop ‘Providing service’, and start ‘Being of service’ we will truly make an impact with Love. Loving ourselves completely, with compassion as we learn & grow, share & teach-we will have the capacity to share that Love with others.

We are in no way affiliated with  Rev. Cassandra Anaya and her version ‘Circle of Light’.

One thought

  1. I am 100% most definitly with all my heart and soul possitve that my partner and I are twinflames at the moment the dance with him becoming the runner through his emotional body is blocking us both it is very excruciating pain almost like death or I am longing for it he agrees we need to try and get help because he feels the pain to any advise would be so appreciated
    Many blessings

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